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Category Archives: By Samuel Hansen

Executive Summaries from Less than Successful Research Proposals

Funerary-Network Analysis(July 15th, 2012) Social Network analysis is a hot topic within both mathematics and the social sciences, but all of the research thus far has focused on identifying networks that exist within current communities. This leaves the majority of social networks that have existed throughout the history of the world outside of the realm […]

The Moment

I interview a lot of mathematicians and one of my favorite topics is the origin story, the why behind their study of mathematics. I have received answers that range from heavy Martin Gardner influence to falling in sideways from engineering. One thing that I have not received is the story of a single moment, a […]

The True Importance of Friends

Why your friends have more friends than you do. That is the rather provocative title of a 1991 paper by Purdue University sociologist Scott Feld. While the title is rather provocative, thankfully it turns out that the statement is built on a solid foundation. It turns out that your friends having more friends than you […]

Early Morning Mathematics

A blinking light was truly a sign of a good night’s sleep. Swinging his legs off the bed Lee spoke to no one, “REM Scanner results.” From speakers hidden somewhere out of sight came the answer, “Two probable, three potentials, and one solution.” “Bring them up on the table. While you are at it, get […]

The Patent World Order

From the Offices of: Lee Stickem, Elisabeth Tooya, And Tyler Howe Esquires   Dear Professor Geoffrey Strickland, It has come to our attention that you have submitted a paper to the Journal of Amazing Mathematicsentitled “A Simple and Concise Proof of Goldbach’s June 30th, 1742 Conjecture”, which we are going to kindly ask that you withdraw […]

Let’s Make These Graphs Magic

One does not often use the term magic when referring to a mathematical idea. Proof, theorem, unequivocal truth all come up much more often. The one case that many people will be acquainted with are Magic Squares. Magic Squares are square arrays of integers such that all of the rows, columns, and diagonals sum to […]